“This new piece stands for the fourth anniversary of AkriviA. Four years spent to improve our traditional watchmaking, to strengthen the identity of our design, to go deeper and stronger in the research and development of our ambition of precision and symmetry.” Rexehp Rexhepi, Founder and Owner of AkriviA

Traditional watchmaking highlighting 
a modern style

The latest development in our timepiece collection, the new Tourbillon Barrette-Miroir, marks a subtle step in a new direction for the brand. Within the challenges of extremely re ned watchmaking, this new AkriviA tourbillon for 2016 builds upon the foundations and standards laid out by Rexhep Rexhepi for his vision of haute horlogerie in a modern world.

The uncompromising quality of his mechanical and visual design, with its speci c attention to even the smallest details, guarantees perfection in the highest traditions of Geneva’s famed watchmaking history. And this is the heart of Akrivia’s philosophy – to unite the best aspects of the contemporary and the traditional in de ning a new class of haute horlogerie.

Compared to previous models, the tourbillon opening mounted at 6 o’clock has been slightly enlarged and is framed in highly polished, mirror-like steel, making all the parts of the tourbillon escapement and its cage sparkle every second during its rotation. The barrette styled tourbillon bridge is a virtuoso piece of watchmaking skill that has become a trademark of AkriviA’s models so far ; its open worked, ligreed arch is testament to the precision and surety of the watchmaker’s hand and eye, painstakingly crafting a perfect nish on every available surface. 

The mirrored aspect in Tourbillon Barrette-Miroir’s name refers to a new “first” for the brand : each delicately formed numeral has been hand finished and then given a labo
rious black polish
treatment followed
by hand bluing, thereby creating an elegant complement to
 the dial’s visual charm
and workmanship.
 Even the concealed 
attachment for these handcrafted numerals has been designed in the traditional manner of dial construction rarely
 seen today. In this 
technique, two feet are attached to each separate numeral and corresponding holes are exactingly drilled into the dial surface to match and fasten them into a complete unit, exactly as it was done centuries ago.

As a final flourish, using special hand executed nishes, the dial is further complemented by a two tone effect on its surface, providing the perfect backdrop to the mirrored polished numerals and movement parts. This commitment to perfection is so time-consuming that the creation of the dial alone takes more than a week to complete. This kind of subtle attention to detail continues throughout the entire timepiece and is a sign of exceptional quality and supreme workmanship – a dream for any true connoisseur of authentic Genevan watchmaking.

However that is not all that is special about the AkriviA’s Tourbillon Barrette-Mirroir…

When you look through the sapphire glass at the back of the movement, you are immediately struck by the beautiful symmetry, and a second, curving center bridge that traverses the entire movement width, culminating in a single jewel at its centre, holding the underside of the movement’s cannon pinion within a partially skeletonized view of the interior. Look closely at the finishing of this part that curves in all directions ; note the thin and highly polished lines and bevels that surround each jewel, the interplay of wheels behind, and you will come to realise that this is legacy watchmaking that defines watch- making in the 21st century.

The Tourbillon Barrette-Miroir is available in Steel with two-tone gray dial, Platinum, 18K Red gold, Titanium Grade 5.