Vortex Gamma Tron

January 21, 2018
HAUTLENCE - Vortex Gamma Tron
  • HAUTLENCE - Vortex Gamma Tron
  • HAUTLENCE - Vortex Gamma Tron
  • HAUTLENCE - Vortex Gamma Tron
  • HAUTLENCE - Vortex Gamma Tron

Since it was founded in 2004, HAUTLENCE has placed innovation at its very heart. Constantly creating, drawing its inspiration from other disciplines, and borrowing cutting-edge materials from different technologies, the Neuchâtel brand is continuously reinventing itself. For the Vortex Gamma Tron, HAUTLENCE has chosen a revolutionary composite material hailing from the automotive and aerospace industry: HLLightColor. Charged with ceramic nanotube particles, HLLightColor can be  body tinted rather than coated with colour. It can also be made phosphorescent, something which immediately appealed to HAUTLENCE, with the brand using it to accentuate the architectural lines of the case and further underline the references to the graphic universe of science-fiction classic TRON, from which the Vortex Gamma Tron takes its name.


In 1982, Steven Lisberger created TRON, a film which went on to achieve cult status, featuring characters with luminescent outlines representing circuitry. This highly stylised graphic universe, which employs a range of visual effects, inspired the lines of the Vortex Gamma Tron case, composed of six 3D sapphire crystals. Playing with the contrasts of colours — white for the case and blue for its edges — and light, with the outlines of its edges glowing in the dark, HAUTLENCE pays tribute to the iconic style of TRON. The Vortex Gamma Tron undergoes a metamorphosis when the light fades, including the brand's Möbius symbol which also glows at the centre of the dial, turning on itself with each new hour.


The retrograde minute dial, varnished white and adorned with azure numerals, offers a large window onto the HL2.0 self-winding calibre which drives the Vortex Gamma Tron. Each of the 12 articulated links in the jumping hour chain features one of 12 white numerals. The feature at the heart of the movement, the chain turns every

60 minutes, taking 3-4 seconds to move gently, with control, to avoid any shocks or loss of energy, whilst leaving enough time to admire the beauty of the movement and its mechanisms in action. The regulating organ is integrated into the mobile bridge-type calibre, with the change in position actuated by the display improving accuracy by statistically offsetting the effects of gravity. The calibre HL2.0 is equipped with two barrels. The second barrel, dedicated exclusively to driving the complication, is continually reset by the main barrel, so that the optimal level of energy is available each time the hour changes. This double barrel system ensures the complex mechanisms are supplied independently, without affecting the watch's ability to keep accurate time.

For the Vortex Gamma Tron strap, HAUTLENCE has opted for a high-tech loose-knit fabric, in white with blue topstitching to match the colour codes of this model. As HLLightColor can be used to create custom- made pieces, these colours can be chosen by HAUTLENCE's customers to suit their own taste.

A brand-new chapter in HAUTLENCE history

Founded in 2004, HAUTLENCE – whose name itself is an anagram of Neuchâtel – pays tribute to the birthplace of the watchmaking art. The brand has been praised by watch collectors and aficionados from across the world for bringing a new dynamism to the art of fine watchmaking.

With annual production of around 200 pieces, HAUTLENCE has five calibres designed and developed in-house, whilst also relying on external partners for the movements used in certain collections. It offers a collection of

21 models, organised into four different sub-collections: Atelier, Concept d’exception, Signature and, inspired

by mechanical toys and launched in 2015: Playground.

In  strategic  terms,  HAUTLENCE  can  count  on  support  from  MELB  Holding,  an  independent  family watchmaking group which has been offering its experience and network since 2012, with the synergies between HAUTLENCE and the group sure to grow.


HAUTLENCE is  pushing the  boundaries of  traditional watchmaking codes, uniting them  with innovative mechanical solutions and an unlimited universe borrowed from the various arts, combining design, architecture, and movement. The brand takes its inspiration from this to create new approaches to time display, which it uses to elevate the two key dimensions of space and time. Ever conscious of a functional relationship with beauty, HAUTLENCE invents timepieces with completely new contours and depths, respecting every stage and every person involved in their production.

Beyond Swiss Made - the "HORLOGERIE SUISSE" stamp

HAUTLENCE timepieces are created and produced in Switzerland, in Neuchâtel and the Jura mountains, in the very highest tradition of Swiss watchmaking, and are signed with the label "Horlogerie Suisse". The components are produced externally using a network of thirty-five partners and subcontractors, all based in the Neuchâtel/Jura region.

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