WATCHESPEDIA is your best, trending source for Swiss watches. We offer fast, firsthand updates about your favorite brands, and we report with absolute certainty—we’re there when the unveiling happens!

We go where the information takes us; Whether it's Hong Kong, Dubai, Basel, London, New York or anywhere in the globe, you can trust us to be at every luxury watch event and we'll bring you the swiftest news for your shopping pleasure.

Our company is based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are a gathering of Swiss watch enthusiasts who look at these luxuries as more than a collection or simple passion. It's our lifestyle—the art of watchmaking has imbibed in us a feeling of appreciation, conviction, and a sense of belongingness. We are committed to bringing you the latest in Swiss watches, offering fun, lucid articles for each timepiece. Enjoy our database of news and reviews, in light, easy-to-read features and highlights.

It is our belief that with hard work, commitment and deep fascination, anything is possible. With these elements, we have created for you the most comprehensive digital Swiss luxury watch publication in the world. Our website offers high horology news, straight from the best watchmakers in Switzerland.

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